Herencia de Pariente desconocido

Recibí el siguiente correo y quuesria saber si es legal o mas bien dicho real esto:

“Hello Mr. Gonzalez,

I am happy for your mail to me and nice chatting with you on Skype, this shows you are willing to claim the fund which belongs to a late relative of yours who you share the same last names with. The fund of this late relative still remain unclaimed with our bank even after his death many years ago which is why I contacted you, the bank wants to confiscate the funds which I see as a great injustice to the family of the late depositor, this prompted me to search for bearers of the same name on Skype and very lucky I found you. I am ready to guide you to successfully claim the money from the bank, I will refer you to an attorney who will help you get all the documents you need to claim the fund from the bank as I also expect you to follow all instructions as will be given by the bank, I will advice you when need be. I guarantee that within 8 working days you will smile haven received the funds of your late relative. I am not doing this for monetary reward rather for the joy and happiness of the fund will bring to your family when you finally receive the fund.

The banking operation is such that you will be requested to open a non-resident online offshore account and also activate it, from your non-resident offshore account the funds will be transferred to your local account, our Foreign transfer department will handle this process so the funds can be wired to your local account in your Country via the online account system. This is the process of handling such unclaimed funds due to the dormancy of the depositors account.

Upon receipt of your positive response I will contact the attorney who will help you with the legal documentation you need to back up your claims.

Please note here that this process is not dangerous to you because everything will be handled legally with due process and in accordance with the laws of both Countries.

I await your response.”


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